Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hannity being censored at Fox?

"Fox News host Sean Hannity has been in the hot seat over his coverage of a controversial story many are calling a conspiracy theory--the Seth Rich saga. On his radio show Tuesday he angrily and defiantly said he would press on, despite Fox News executives pulling one of the articles on the story." Read more...

Fox News has been doing a lot of weird stuff lately ever since the Murdoch brothers took over power from Daddy. We had the firing of Roger Ailes. You no longer can tgell a woman that "you look pretty in that dress today." Then came Bill O'Reilly, who, incidentally, was fair and balanced. They have been hiring more and more Alt-Left Democrats. There has been some skuttlbutt about Jesse Watters and now we have them cracking down on Sean Hannity, the top conservative voice of the station.

No one knows if Sean Hannity will be on his show tonight. And most of all, no one knows if Fox is putting the final nail in its coffin.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sunset 5-14-17

One from last week that I like

Lake Worth Pool 1920

It was directly across from the Atlantic ocean then. Why is this not still the ideal location?
It was crowded and people flocked to our salt water pool at the Lake Worth Casino.
We have attracted swim clubs, even the Navy Seals trained here.
It has offered aerobics and swimming lessons and it has been affordable.
We now have a heated fresh water pool and people love our pool. It's the ideal place to go swim, exercise and relax at our Olympic Pool at the Lake Worth beach.

Lick that donut, Ariana

Lake Worth Pastor helping Refugees

Pastor Mike Olive of Lake Worth's Common Ground Church has been traveling and doing outreach, finding Common Ground with those in Belgium, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania. He is most concerned about the refugee crisis--Syria has been hit the hardest.

The last I heard he was in Macedonia. He has asked for your help to raise money to buy 20 cell phones ($100 each) to give to refugees to help them find their families. “The need is so great,” Olive said. “It’s a human crisis that needs a human response.”
If you care to help in this worthwhile cause, Click here to donate.

"Trump is capable of the impossible," says Egypt president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

Preserving our south Florida soils, uplands and wetlands

Palm Beach Post
May 22, 2017 Local News
By:  Drew Martin

Preserving our South Florida soils, uplands, wetlands

Currently, Southeast Florida continues to destroy many of its remaining open areas for development.

These areas hold native plants, soils and habitat for migratory birds. We continue to focus on growth rather than quality of life. A large amount of the water in our area is ground water.

In order to have clean ground water we need to have open areas where water can reside and percolate into our aquifer. Open areas also provide a place for storm water to accumulate, which helps to prevent flooding. Development plans are failing to protect the open areas. Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) with (planned) golf courses are now permitting the golf courses to be developed thus removing more open space.

The more we remove open space and natural areas the more we reduce aquifer recharge and increase aquifer contamination. An example is Century Village off Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach. The development was planned with a large golf course. That golf course is now being eliminated. Where will the water that accumulated on this golf course during storms go? Most likely more water will be pumped out into the ocean during heavy rains. This will damage our coral reefs. New scientific models show the reefs off Palm Beach County and northern Broward County are particularly valuable to reducing storm surge damage. How many billions in dollars of property value are put at risk by building on open space.

The Agricultural Reserve in western Palm Beach County is being destroyed by small cuts, by constant changes in development zoning. The loss of open space will negatively impact drinking water and increase the risk of flooding. At the same time, the loss of native trees and shrubs increases the heat of the day. Migratory birds need these open areas to rest between flights.

In Miami-Dade County, an area known as Pineland Rocklands is up for development for a Wal-mart store. Natural areas are what bring people to Florida. They enhance property values and improve the mental health of the residents.

We need to change our priorities and protect the environment first.


Workshop Session tonight

So much for an open and transparent city--Yesterday, this was finally listed on the Lake Worth web site as a workshop meeting with no back-up.. Many people won't know about it and no one will get any back-up on what the engineers have to report on our Olympic Pool. And, traditionally the public can NOT speak at work sessions.

Commission Work Session
Tue, May 23, 6pm – 9pm
City of Lake Worth City Hall, 7 N Dixie Hwy, Lake Worth, FL 33460, USA

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017 -- 6:00 PM
2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: Led by Vice Mayor Scott Maxwell
A. Presentation by Kimley Horn regarding the condition of the pool

Morning Sky 5-23-17

Crescent Moon and Venus

Guatemalan Consul at South Grade Elementary

Lake Worth students relish high tea with the Guatemalan consul

Read about it... and South Grade Elementary School and Rebecca Hinson's 5th grade class having high tea with Mario Rene Azmitia, the Guatemalan consul.

Palm Beach County has 2,964 Guatemalan students with a high percentage in Lake Worth.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Sunset 5-22-17

For all you Star Gazers

The EarthSky organization says: Before dawn on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, look very low in the east – very shortly before sunrise – for the extremely thin waning crescent moon and elusive planet Mercury. The moon will sweep 1.6 degrees south of Mercury this month; that’s about three moon diameters. Still, if you manage to catch them, they will be beautiful in the dawn light.

If you look eastward before dawn, you’ll easily notice a bright object. That’ll be Venus, which is due to shine in our dawn sky for most of the rest of 2017.

Trump at the Western Wall - Another Presidential First

Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem in general and the Old City specifically has been hotly contested by the international community, which prefers to settle the city’s status within the context of a final-status solution with the Palestinians.

The United States government is divided on the issue with congressional legislation, passed in 1995, mandating that the US Embassy be relocated to Jerusalem.
[Fox News]

President Trump should be consistent with his efforts to advance Israeli-Palestinian peace. In 1995, our country made a promise to begin the process of moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Embassy Act. If he had invited Netanyahu to jointly visit the Wall with him today, I would have bet that our embassy would be moved and peace never achieved causing a fire storm.

He must make this embassy move decision by June 1 or use the presidential waiver that Bush, Clinton and Obama all have used.

Both the Arabs and Israelis have claims on Palestine. Prince Abdullah talked about the fact that under his plan, Arabs would normalize relations with Israel. All Israel had to do was surrender the territory it received after the Six Day War. But Israel has an historic right to the land and there's the problem.

"Drive them out; drive them out"

“A better future is for you if you drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. Drive them out. Drive them out of your praises of worship. Drive them out of your communities. Drive them out of your holy land. And drive them out of this earth...

This is not a battle between different faiths...this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people all in the name of religion."

~ President Donald Trump

Speaking to the 50 world leaders at the U.S.-Arab Islamic summit on May 21, 2017.


FBI Director Received MILLIONS From Clinton Foundation – His Brother’s Law Firm Does Clinton’s Taxes

Read about it... and this video that came out before the election in October 2016.

Trump supports our Military 100% and taking out ISIS

Vice President Mike Pence vowed that the Trump administration would “rebuild the military” and equip our military with the biggest spending increase since the Reagan era.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Tonight's Sky 5-21-17

John Prince Park Dog Park

Ten months ago, there was a ground breaking ceremony for the future five bay dog park and renovations to the cricket field, landscaping and new parking...$2million. Should be opening this summer.

This is what it looked like yesterday.

Drain the Swamp

Click the graphic

"So let’s not glorify the inertia of entrenched greed by calling it “Deep State.” Call it what it is: rot. Always remember that the D.C. establishment, both parties, hated Trump from the start. Nobody should be surprised that the swamp is fighting back with everything it has — quicksand, mosquitoes and vipers."

Read about it...

Israel getting prepared for Trump visit

Flags atop the King David Hotel in Jersulaem.

Palestinian Day of Rage sees escalated tensions (credit: REUTERS)

"Palestinian factions in the West Bank are calling for "A Day of Rage" to coincide with US President Donald Trump's visit to Bethlehem on Tuesday, where he is expected to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas."

I can certainly understand if the U.S. delays any move of its embassy to Jerusalem. It's nuts over there. President Trump already met with President Abbas earlier in the month and Abbas stated at that time that he wants an independent Palestinian state along pre-1967 lines, with East Jerusalem as its capital--nothing else will be acceptable.

I don't know how President Trump can resolve or negotiate this deal in this long running battle. We know Donald Trump is good, but this will take a super hero.