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It's no Myth - There is Voter Fraud

Thousands of GOP votes likely stolen in Pennsylvania..

Meet the candidates for BCC District 3

Do you want to hear a candidate speak the truth?

An Invitation to Know the Issues Debate between Sean Hogan and Dave Kerner has been extended to you by Dr. Jody Andrews from High Ridge Road.·

Tired of biased media? You will have the opportunity to meet and greet and ask tough questions of your two District 3 County Commissioner Candidates, Sean Hogan and Dave Kerner, tomorrow night (Monday) at the Lake Osborne Association Meeting, 7:00pm, Presbyterian Church, High Ridge Road, Lake Worth.

Theft in Lake Worth

We have plenty of theft in our city but this type of crime has happened before in Lake Worth. Criminals are so brazen today. Some greedy bastard came on to this owner's property and stole his wheels and tires right off his car. They come out like cockroaches in the dead of night when most people are sound asleep.

It happened a few years ago at the Lake Worth Towers. Those thieves too, put the car up on blocks...very kind of them. This theft took place in the ROLO neighborhood on Moor Drive last night. The owner says, "2 car wheels were stolen off our car (2004 Mazda 6; Factory wheels) and the car was left on cinder block on Moor drive around 2 am, per neighbor a black SUV turned on Small Drive. I have reported this information to the police."

The Palm Beach Post is one big Opinion Piece - The Liberal Propaganda Peddlers

It doesn't matter to the Palm Beach Post, owned by Cox Enterprises whose political contributions go to Democrats, that this newspaper is biased. The entire paper now seems to be an opinion piece. Even the Letters to the Editor that they choose to print are usually one-sided and are negative towards the Republican presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.

Today there was one letter from a Democrat who dissed Marco Rubio for "playing hooky from Congress." She doesn't even know the difference between Congress and the Senate or even care that Rubio was running for president during that time or that Obama did the exact same thing when he was running. The letter, with its glaring mistake was printed anyway. It portrayed the Post's liberal leanings so it was included.

We live in a county that is predominantly Democratic. The newspaper knows this and in many of its writings and inclusions, slants their articles towards liberal policy. Today there was an article by Wayne Washington (guaranteed to be a Democrat) who, instead of writing facts, gave opinion on Randy Perkins and Brian Mast saying Mast is a "far-right extremist on the order to former Congressman Allen West and radio host Mike Levin." This is an outrageous statement from a journalist.

Today, they printed their endorsements again endorsing Patrick Murphy a known liar even to them. The Post, however, says he has the capacity to grow and believes that he is heading in the right direction. That is all bull shit. It all boils down to liberalism vs. conservatism--a stacked Supreme Court that will change our country to liberal points of view including open borders, more unvetted refugees, killing babies in the womb, Obamacare (a disaster, and our gun rights to name a few.

It must be something that they like in liars as they also like Hillary Clinton.

It's about time - Trump gets newspaper endorsement!

Trump scored his first major newspaper endorsement of the cycle yesterday when the Sheldon Adelson-owned Las Vegas Review-Journal endorsed him for President.

According to the newspaper’s editorial board, “[h]istory tells us that agents for reform often generate fear and alarm among those intent on preserving their cushy sinecures. It’s hardly a shock, then, that the 2016 campaign has produced a barrage of unceasing vitriol directed toward Mr. Trump.

Mr. Trump represents neither the danger his critics claim nor the magic elixir many of his supporters crave. But he promises to be a source of disruption and discomfort to the privileged, back-scratching political elites for whom the nation’s strength and solvency have become subservient to power’s pursuit and preservation"

Read the review...

A fan of Lynn's Little Bit of Trivia

There are a lot of emotional nut jobs and crazies in this country and in the world. Most of them show up on Facebook. Here's one of my latest fans.

General Election

General Election Endorsements


Donald J. Trump for President

Marco Rubio for U.S. Senator

Brian Mast, Congress Dist 18

Tony Bennett, PBCnty Commissioner Dist 1

Sean Hogan, PBCnty Commissioner Dist 3

Taniel Shant, PBCnty Commissioner Dist 5

Bill Hager, State Rep District 89

PB Soil & Conservation:
Grp 2--Daniel Sohn
Grp 3--Stephen Joseph Jara
Grp 4--Dave Self

NO on Amendment 1
NO on Amendment 2
No opinion on Amendment 3
YES on Amendment 5

NO on 1 cent sales tax

NO to Bond (depends on 100% transparency by the city...fat chance)
NO to 3 year terms placed on any future ballot

CNN badgers Kellyanne Conway

Another ultra liberal Hillary supporting network--CNN--

Dana Bash of CNN, was badgering and interrogating, not interviewing, Kellyanne Conway on a Trump statement. Now CNN is complaining that Conway "cut the interview short."

Early Morn 10-23-16

A crass Hillary Supporter - Wants to give you a blow job

Well, we know that Hillary supporters are clueless but this supporter is, well, you tell me.

(The Wrap) – Madonna made an offer that you could probably refuse on Monday night, when she pledged to give oral sex to people who voted for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“One more thing before I introduce this genius of comedy,” Madonna told the crowd at Madison Square Garden, while introducing comedian Amy Schumer. “If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will give you a blowjob, OK?

And I’m good. I’m good. I’m not a douche and I’m not a tool. I take my time,” Madonna continued. “I have a lot of eye contact, yeah. And I do swallow.”

One thing for sure, if Hillary wins, we are all screwed. Back in the early 1950's Joe McCarthy charged that communists had taken over our State Department as well as Hollywood. Our State Department today has made some horrible decisions--remember Benghazi and Hillary Clinton...the 33,000 deleted e-mails?  Madonna, if she had been in Hollywood back then, would have been Blacklisted. Now free speech has gone beyond the pale. And what they charged McCarthy with (having no decency) has taken a whole new meaning.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sunset 10-22-16

Voter Fraud - Even dead people are voting!

Trump has been complaining all along that the system is rigged, and this is the proof!

The Accountant

Although I can't stand his politics (Ben Affleck is a "Clooneybot"),  he always manages to be in some really interesting movies. The Accountant is no exception. If you like action packed way out thrillers, intrigue, guns, good guys and bad guys and a movie with a twist, this is the one for you! Don't believe the reviews; this movie is great.

The Clinton Lie Machine

Current polling methods are "bunk says Professor

A professor at Stony Brook University on Long Island continues to project Donald Trump as the likely winner of this year's election and he's critiquing polls that predict the opposite in a new opinion piece.

Helmut Norpoth has been predicting a Trump victory since early this year. His model currently projects a win for the Republican with a certainty of 87 to 99 percent.

That flies in the face of just about every other major election forecast out there, which mostly give an edge to Democrat Hillary Clinton.


Saturday, October 22 - Real clear Politics
Race/Topic Poll Results Spread

General Election: Trump vs. Clinton vs. Johnson vs. Stein IBD/TIPP Tracking Clinton 40, Trump 42, Johnson 7, Stein 4 Trump +2
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton IBD/TIPP Tracking Clinton 42, Trump 42 Tie
General Election: Trump vs. Clinton LA Times/USC Tracking Clinton 44, Trump 44 Tie

Phony Palm Beach Post endorses a known Liar for Senate

We have heard a lot about the lying, phony media during this campaign but it certainly hits home today when The Palm Beach Post endorsed Patrick Murphy, a spoiled rich kid, for United States Senator who hasn't accomplished one thing while being a U.S. Congressman.
  • He lied on his resume stating he had two college degrees. Read here...
  • He lied when he said he was a small business owner. Read here...
  • He lied when he said his company had contracts to clean up the Gulf oil spill. Neither Patrick Murphy nor Coastal Environmental Services were awarded a single contract to clean up oil in the Gulf.
  • He lied when he said he was a CPA. He has never worked a day in his life as a Certified Public Accountant. According to the NRSC, after graduating in 2006, he joined Deloitte & Touche as an audit assistant. He did not meet the minimum requirements to become a Certified Public Accountant in Florida, opting instead to apply for a license in Colorado, even though he did not live or work there. He applied in Colorado because the requirements were lower. Before gaining approval in Colorado, Murphy took the licensing exam nine times before passing it. Even with a CPA license in Colorado, his opportunities in Florida were limited because his license was not valid in the Sunshine State.
Perhaps the Palm Beach Post needed to read the truth on Patrick Murphy. An endorsement such as this proves what Donald Trump has been saying for the past year. The system is rigged by the liberal, biased media which amounts to 80% of the total news media.

There are numerous articles on the Internet that confirm that Patrick Murphy is a liar and has accomplished little, if anything, while in Congress.

Vote for Marco Rubio.

Crooked Hillary Question of the Day


Why Wouldn’t A Clinton Administration Be As Riven With Conflicts Of Interest As The Clinton Foundation?

“Secretary Clinton, emails from your top aides note that Clinton Foundation employees were engaged in outside activities that put them at risk for conflicts of interest. If you can’t even run your charity without conflicts of interest, what is to say you won’t have an administration riven with the same conflict of interest issues?” - Jason Miller, Senior Communications Advisor

Emails Between Top Clinton Aides Note “Clinton Foundation Employees Engaged In Numerous Outside Activities That Put Them At Risk For Potential Conflicts Of Interest.”“Clinton Foundation employees engaged in numerous outside activities that put them at risk for potential conflicts of interest, emails made public by WikiLeaks show. For example, Chelsea Clinton used her foundation office ‘to run a business’ and another employee used ‘office space of a donor in [C]hicago.’ The list of potential conflicts was included in an email from Doug Band, a former aide to Bill Clinton who helped build the Clinton Foundation before co-founding a consulting firm called Teneo Strategies.”(Sarah Westwood, “WikiLeaks Emails Include List Of Clinton Foundation Conflicts Of Interest, ”Washington Examiner, 10/19/16)

Friday, October 21, 2016

IBD/TIPP Poll dated 10-21-16

A collaboration between Investor's Business Daily (IBD) and TechnoMetrica Market Intelligence (TIPP) — has been the most accurate poll in recent presidential elections.

Sunset 10-21-16